As many people have shown me in the clinic recently, there is often extra help required to combat unwelcome energies from both the unseen world and that of the world around us.  The crystal called Shungite, from Russia…has assisted me, and many clients and friends, on countless of occasions.  It would be easy to write pages of testimonials to this effect.

I carry a small range of Shungite at Liforce ranging from a necklace to beautiful small egg shapes to tall pyramids.  They are so very strong and powerful.

Here is a brief account of their power :

  • Grounding & protecting one from all types of negativity.
  • Shungite works on the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies “attacking” the seeds of destruction and decay.
  • As a protective shield, Shungite embraces the individual in its coat of black permitting ONLY positive rays to come thru to the individual. Its elemental force connects with the spirits that work with and can dispel the shadow self one carries.
  •  Its protective nature brings an added measure of relief for an individual who is feeling “exposed and opened” to the world at large. Energy depletion is restored.
  •  Shungite will  help to balance conflicting energies that will arise during the shifting to higher rates of vibrating.