A few weeks ago I went to an interstate workshop to see what I could learn.  I honoured the teacher and very much respected his courage at forging new pathways.   I diligently applied regular protection for myself because I was with different levels of spiritual understandings amongst the many people  attending.   I enjoyed the day but really discovered very little that was new to me.   The next day, my body started to become unwell and travelling back to Melbourne was a distinct challenge indeed.  During the next 5 days I was nauseous, unstable on my feet and great difficulty focusing.  I knew something was desperately seeking my attention and the energies at night time was like a war zone on top of my bed.  Thankfully help was close at hand and I discovered I had left the “BACK DOOR OPEN”!!!!!  What did this mean???  My front door protection was so good but the back door invited in energies from other realms endeavouring to claim authority in my field.   The Sovereignty Table is so powerful it manages to uncover the hidden/frozen/forgotten contracts/thoughtforms/agreements we have made in whatever lifetime and I surely lived this reality for the next 10 days as I acknowledged, honoured and released this long held thoughtform from my unconscious. Even though it was rugged to experience, I am so grateful to have this arise to be transformed.  This Table is teaching and experiencing me.