Over the last month, the Sovereignty Table has kept showing me personally, along with many clients, its ability to search for your frozen and buried states held in either the Subconscious or Unconscious mind, bring these to your attention and then transform it into neutrality….. if you are ready and willing. What a tool this is and I have not found anything else that can achieve this incredible assistance in such a definitive way.

I took a mini holiday with a very close friend and when I returned after 8 days….the Table let me know two things. One… we were now in September and it is fully prepared to assist in helping people handle the higher incoming frequencies during these two months of September & October. Secondly, it let me know I was “not up to speed” and proceeded to empty me out yet again to release more thoughtforms that were buried in my unconscious.
Powerful work and thankfully I had the support of my physicality to help me move through this process.

Are you ready???