2015 closure

2015 closure

It is with a great sigh of relief that we are coming to the end of 2015 –  this year has been a Masterful Teacher in so many ways.  I am understanding that for those brave people who have faced some deeply hidden issues, then there is every chance that 2016 will have much more ease and grace!

I want to share another testimonial just received from a friend/client in Seattle, USA – who receives the S.T. Sessions approx every 3 weeks by remote.  She has had major health issues to deal with during her life, along with abuse on many levels that most of us cannot imagine.  She is one of my “heroines” for what she has overcome…

The last 2 sessions on the Sovereignty Table have been the most wonderful experiences. Its difficult to find the words to properly describe what happens but I’ll do my best. When the session begins I have a sensation of very gentle goosebumps traveling over my body. But not the sensation of cold that generally accompanies goosebumps.

Then the most wonderful thing happens… It’s a sensation that I see and feel both.

When I close my eyes I see a brilliant white light. It is everywhere. Then I feel/see the light entering my body and going into every cell. I know it goes into every cell because I can both feel it and see it as it enters each cell. It is the most incredible sensation! Something that I have never felt before and really cannot express in words and between my sessions I find myself thinking about that sensation and really craving that experience again. I know when it is happening that it is a miraculous event and I feel like a sponge soaking it up and wanting more.

When I think back on my first experiences with the table it is so different. I was looking for physical healing but instead I’m given something so much more incredible. A healing of Spirit and Being.

I can never express to you in words the gratitude that I have for what you are doing for me, for others that you place on the table and for the planet. Thank you so much Libby with much gratitude and honoring of all you do………J

I am well aware that no two sessions are the same and many of us do not have the same depth of experience that she does…especially understanding she is many thousands of kilometres away.  But over the last six months in particular, it has become clear for me that the power of this “work” on the Table, is equal to the depth of us releasing and allowing.  Some of the work being done is now focusing on removal of implants and old agreements/contracts  which are being removed with minimal fuss and “fallout”.

I also have been blessed to work with wonderful people in many different places in the world and it “wows” me that this can so quickly and easily happen in the transference of these energies,  because these energies are beyond this time and space.

I wish you heart joy during this Christmas period and such abundant blessings for your Core Inner Strength from True Source Reality.

In gratitude…Libby