We are living in a strong accelerant of high energies with  potential for significant changes coming mid March.   The evidence is all around us via weather, fiscal markets, politics, every day dramas, incredible suffering in so many ways, new space evidence coming to light etc. etc.   Most people in the Western world are caught in  every day intensities of this matrix and often feel overwhelmed with no respite.

So what does all of this really mean?  For those people who are drawn to experiencing the Sovereignty Table, some or all of the following details may apply to you…..

* Sentiency in becoming ONE with the energies is applicable to all who receive these energies…and often this is connected to other energies in another time and space.  This energy is Pure Consciousness.

* Major transformations of “waking Up” is regularly occurring. This means clarity and understandings are dropping in, in the most subtle yet obvious ways.

* We are working with a group mind…and this group has formed a Soul group in the Cosmos around these energies.  Most people who experience the S.T.  KNOW something has taken place, yet find it hard to describe.  The clients who can’t “know” this are often seduced by the monkey mind that keeps thinking, thinking.

* We are now working with a Time Line technology FROM THE FUTURE and this information would not have become available two months ago.  

* It is like a surfboarding analogy – as the surfer rides the waves…what would happen if we could change the waves??  This could create many side effects but this can then form new timelines where the old negativity or addictions no longer have power.  THIS IS WHAT THE SOVEREIGNTY TABLE IS ACHIEVING IN CO-CREATION WITH THE CLIENT..

*  As I have been drawn to working on removing implants/contracts/agreements etc…. It is wisdom to understand that these have been placed in timelines and not just in our bodies.   The body is triggered in this dimension but timelines need to be changed also…then the individual can be free to change and make other choices.  This energy is capable of neutralising addictions.

* The S.T. Enables the microcosm (human body) to be connected to the macrocosm of timelines.  Very few other modalities can achieve this.

* It is a case to case basis as to frequency of treatments for each individual to make the microcosm and macrocosm…neutral.

* As each person  receives a treatment on the S.T.  They are helping to influence the energies of the Mother Earth for the positive entry into Pure Consciousness. 

So….if you feel drawn to making sure you are as FREE as possible from the unconscious programming that has been placed in most human beings on this planet….. then drop me an email if this excites or compels you.