Even though it was only last February that I posted, it feels like at least six months.  I am quite sure that nearly all of you reading this blog will have experienced many, many changes during the pivotal month of March – I ended up calling March the “month of inconveniences”!!  It was filled with forms of strong distractions, inconveniences, games designed to “divide and conquer” and always to take us out of Centre.   This energy is still continuing in April but not with the same intensity.

We are riding the waves of such Cosmic energetic changes never before experienced on this beloved Planet and it is taking all our strength to maintain our balance.

I am being gifted with the feedback of many changes taking place in the clients I have around the world and overwhelmingly it has to do with the releasing of old paradigms and being FREE  to be authentic and in Sovereignty.  This beautiful song illuminates this perfectly :  –  Jordan Smith – Stand in the Light.

I would like to share with you a personal story that is still currently a “work in progress” but one I know will act as a mirror for many of you.  For as long as I can remember I have not slept well at night –  dating back to at least being pregnant for the first time –  and it has deteriorated steadily since then.    I have just completed and finished an illegal implant placed upon me eons ago connected to the energy of SERVITUDE….. (being strongly intensified by the March energies) – resulting in at least 4 nights out of 7 with complete lack of sleep. Thankfully I have learnt that I WILL ALWAYS BE GIVEN THE ENERGY I NEED TO GET THROUGH THE NEXT DAY….but there is such a deep level of exhaustion in the Forerunners/Lightworkers carrying this massive load of change at the moment.

It then occurred to me that in the “forest of servitude” I had just completely neutralised….there was another forest hidden within which was called SLEEP DEPRIVATION. Ahhh yes…the truth of this was deep!!  It was an agreement I took on  eons ago and it has been with me for every lifetime since.  And now….there is a way to change this completely along with the help of the Sovereignty Table.  In the first session I did what was required for this new Revocation …. I was so amazed to FEEL in my body where all this agreement was stored and as this pain was unfolding it made so much sense of what has transpired over the last six decades.  This work will be completed within the next two weeks and I am filled with gratitude that we have the power to change what others just unknowingly accept.

I trust you will enjoy the 2 min. video I made on the website explaining this understanding –


Abundant blessings to us all in true Sovereignty.