The Pathway to Sovereignty

Libby Gordon has been in the alternative health field for well over 25 years and has covered many aspects of this field ranging from physical therapy, alchemy, teacher, counselor, mentor and energetic therapies. Whilst living in Texas, Libby was introduced to aspects of this planet she would never have encountered living in Melbourne, and served a valuable apprenticeship in the duality of energies that are so all encompassing here on the earth plane.

It was through this personal experience that Libby was introduced to The Sovereignty Table. She is now passionate about sharing this new technology for awakening personal awareness and transformation, as she knows that it is time to wake up and become highly aware of our choices toward Sovereignty.

About Libby

Libby commenced in clinic in 1990 but prior to that she dabbled in many areas as she was discovering what her new pathways could look like.  After completing a Degree in Aromatherapy, she moved immediately into the Bowen Therapy field and became a practitioner/teacher in Australia. She then welcomed the skill of learning NST (an advanced learning of Bowen) and subsequently taught this technique in Australia and the US.  She was a primary instigator in the Bowen therapy becoming accredited in the health fields and setting up the Australian Federation .

She has extensively used alchemy (including Flower Essences) and still conducts personal counseling sessions with her ability to read the body energetically.  She is a strong advocate of the Cutting The Ties that Bind technique by Phyllis Krystal – which has stood the test of time in its power to change old thoughtforms and attachments.

She has also co-created the Global Light Network with David Dartez,  that services people from many different countries with wonderful health products.

Whilst living in Texas with David for many years, Libby was introduced to aspects of this planet she would never have encountered living in Melbourne, and this served a valuable apprenticeship in the discovery of the many influences we have been placed under.

It has always been Libby’s journey to find her own voice, her own strengths yet at the same time giving generously to all clients/students who came her way in helping them find their own strengths.  She is a primary advocate for “walking her walk, talking her talk” so she has personal integrity to teach others.

She is in clinic with her daughter and son at Liforce, Melbourne. Through Libby’s personal experience, she knows it is time to wake up.

The Sovereignty Table

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Libby Gordon

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When wanting to let go of a belief system or thought pattern which no longer serves you, the results of the Sovereignty Table are undeniable. If you are willing, the opportunities which you are given to learn the appropriate lessons to move through these limitations, means that this table facilitates real solutions.

Dr. Ashley Gordon

Melbourne, Australia

I am not all that sensitive to subtle energies; so I am surprised at how much I’ve experienced during Libby’s sessions with me and the Sovereignty Table. The resulting inner shifts are quite tangible and apparent and there have been several. One is that I feel more aligned with — and strengthened within —  my divinity. I am so grateful.

Tori Adair

Colorado Springs, USA