Even though it was only last February that I posted, it feels like at least six months.  I am quite sure that nearly all of you reading this blog will have experienced many, many changes during the pivotal month of March – I ended up calling March the “month of inconveniences”!!  It was filled with forms of strong distractions, inconveniences, games designed to “divide and conquer” and always to take us out of Centre.   This energy is still continuing in April but not with the same intensity.

We are riding the waves of such Cosmic energetic changes never before experienced on this beloved Planet and it is taking all our strength to maintain our balance.

I am being gifted with the feedback of many changes taking place in the clients I have around the world and overwhelmingly it has to do with the releasing of old paradigms and being FREE  to be authentic and in Sovereignty.  This beautiful song illuminates this perfectly :  –  Jordan Smith – Stand in the Light.

I would like to share with you a personal story that is still currently a “work in progress” but one I know will act as a mirror for many of you.  For as long as I can remember I have not slept well at night –  dating back to at least being pregnant for the first time –  and it has deteriorated steadily since then.    I have just completed and finished an illegal implant placed upon me eons ago connected to the energy of SERVITUDE….. (being strongly intensified by the March energies) – resulting in at least 4 nights out of 7 with complete lack of sleep. Thankfully I have learnt that I WILL ALWAYS BE GIVEN THE ENERGY I NEED TO GET THROUGH THE NEXT DAY….but there is such a deep level of exhaustion in the Forerunners/Lightworkers carrying this massive load of change at the moment.

It then occurred to me that in the “forest of servitude” I had just completely neutralised….there was another forest hidden within which was called SLEEP DEPRIVATION. Ahhh yes…the truth of this was deep!!  It was an agreement I took on  eons ago and it has been with me for every lifetime since.  And now….there is a way to change this completely along with the help of the Sovereignty Table.  In the first session I did what was required for this new Revocation …. I was so amazed to FEEL in my body where all this agreement was stored and as this pain was unfolding it made so much sense of what has transpired over the last six decades.  This work will be completed within the next two weeks and I am filled with gratitude that we have the power to change what others just unknowingly accept.

I trust you will enjoy the 2 min. video I made on the website explaining this understanding –


Abundant blessings to us all in true Sovereignty.


Removal of Illegal Agreements

Removal of Illegal Agreements

We are living in a strong accelerant of high energies with  potential for significant changes coming mid March.   The evidence is all around us via weather, fiscal markets, politics, every day dramas, incredible suffering in so many ways, new space evidence coming to light etc. etc.   Most people in the Western world are caught in  every day intensities of this matrix and often feel overwhelmed with no respite.

So what does all of this really mean?  For those people who are drawn to experiencing the Sovereignty Table, some or all of the following details may apply to you…..

* Sentiency in becoming ONE with the energies is applicable to all who receive these energies…and often this is connected to other energies in another time and space.  This energy is Pure Consciousness.

* Major transformations of “waking Up” is regularly occurring. This means clarity and understandings are dropping in, in the most subtle yet obvious ways.

* We are working with a group mind…and this group has formed a Soul group in the Cosmos around these energies.  Most people who experience the S.T.  KNOW something has taken place, yet find it hard to describe.  The clients who can’t “know” this are often seduced by the monkey mind that keeps thinking, thinking.

* We are now working with a Time Line technology FROM THE FUTURE and this information would not have become available two months ago.  

* It is like a surfboarding analogy – as the surfer rides the waves…what would happen if we could change the waves??  This could create many side effects but this can then form new timelines where the old negativity or addictions no longer have power.  THIS IS WHAT THE SOVEREIGNTY TABLE IS ACHIEVING IN CO-CREATION WITH THE CLIENT..

*  As I have been drawn to working on removing implants/contracts/agreements etc…. It is wisdom to understand that these have been placed in timelines and not just in our bodies.   The body is triggered in this dimension but timelines need to be changed also…then the individual can be free to change and make other choices.  This energy is capable of neutralising addictions.

* The S.T. Enables the microcosm (human body) to be connected to the macrocosm of timelines.  Very few other modalities can achieve this.

* It is a case to case basis as to frequency of treatments for each individual to make the microcosm and macrocosm…neutral.

* As each person  receives a treatment on the S.T.  They are helping to influence the energies of the Mother Earth for the positive entry into Pure Consciousness. 

So….if you feel drawn to making sure you are as FREE as possible from the unconscious programming that has been placed in most human beings on this planet….. then drop me an email if this excites or compels you.

2015 closure

2015 closure

It is with a great sigh of relief that we are coming to the end of 2015 –  this year has been a Masterful Teacher in so many ways.  I am understanding that for those brave people who have faced some deeply hidden issues, then there is every chance that 2016 will have much more ease and grace!

I want to share another testimonial just received from a friend/client in Seattle, USA – who receives the S.T. Sessions approx every 3 weeks by remote.  She has had major health issues to deal with during her life, along with abuse on many levels that most of us cannot imagine.  She is one of my “heroines” for what she has overcome…

The last 2 sessions on the Sovereignty Table have been the most wonderful experiences. Its difficult to find the words to properly describe what happens but I’ll do my best. When the session begins I have a sensation of very gentle goosebumps traveling over my body. But not the sensation of cold that generally accompanies goosebumps.

Then the most wonderful thing happens… It’s a sensation that I see and feel both.

When I close my eyes I see a brilliant white light. It is everywhere. Then I feel/see the light entering my body and going into every cell. I know it goes into every cell because I can both feel it and see it as it enters each cell. It is the most incredible sensation! Something that I have never felt before and really cannot express in words and between my sessions I find myself thinking about that sensation and really craving that experience again. I know when it is happening that it is a miraculous event and I feel like a sponge soaking it up and wanting more.

When I think back on my first experiences with the table it is so different. I was looking for physical healing but instead I’m given something so much more incredible. A healing of Spirit and Being.

I can never express to you in words the gratitude that I have for what you are doing for me, for others that you place on the table and for the planet. Thank you so much Libby with much gratitude and honoring of all you do………J

I am well aware that no two sessions are the same and many of us do not have the same depth of experience that she does…especially understanding she is many thousands of kilometres away.  But over the last six months in particular, it has become clear for me that the power of this “work” on the Table, is equal to the depth of us releasing and allowing.  Some of the work being done is now focusing on removal of implants and old agreements/contracts  which are being removed with minimal fuss and “fallout”.

I also have been blessed to work with wonderful people in many different places in the world and it “wows” me that this can so quickly and easily happen in the transference of these energies,  because these energies are beyond this time and space.

I wish you heart joy during this Christmas period and such abundant blessings for your Core Inner Strength from True Source Reality.

In gratitude…Libby