End of 2017

End of 2017

It has been so long since I posted on this website as Life has taken me into many new unseen destinations since a trip to the US in October of 2016.  It is still a process of unfoldment and it has had many moments of difficulties within this process with only relying upon TRUST into the unknown  and with sight unseen.

As a result, my work will be changing but the definition of this is still to be attained.

Sounds all “airy fairy” yet the practicalities of within the physicality remain highly relevant.

Hopefully my next post enables me to BE more clear in a language that can be heard and received.  We are in very interesting times  and nothing is guaranteed at all.


In gratitude……Libby

11/11 Energies

11/11 Energies

Today is 11/11 and creates a powerful opening to new energies for many to receive on this planet. As Celea Fenn writes: This will be a powerful moment in your New Earth Transformation, a moment when the energies of Sacred Union and the Divine Heart come together to initiate and activate New Creation on your Earth. 

In order to be ready for this state of awareness, many of us have experienced frequent moments of old hidden attitudes/memories/unfinished business that can no longer wait to be addressed.  Anger and frustration in the last few weeks have been used as a conductor of active energies into the public arena  as most people are unaware of what is happening in the energetic realms.   I am understanding that where we are in our energy field right now will be a major influence for the next five years as the New begins to fully emerge.

There will be a bigger disparity between the Light and the Dark as strong energies play out in their own arenas, whether this be the microcosm or the macrocosm.  What to trust in these times?  So many mixed messages and public events/happenings  are never what they appear to be.  Personal agendas seem to claim pride of place in our unconscious actions.

The only answer to this is to learn to TRUST your OWN INNER GUIDANCE.  Find a way to achieve this and if you don’t know, ask somebody who has personal integrity to show or teach you.  It is time for each of us to find our own SOVEREIGNTY –  otherwise the addiction to struggle  in human form will get stronger and stronger.







I feel it is now time for me to share further understanding of the power of working with the Sovereignty Table.  After the last six months plus of experience, I am now able to share that there are three levels of co-creation that can be achieved with each session.

Level One:  this level is about balancing and strengthening. This is important and powerful as so many of us lead busy and demanding lives and to receive this support simply by lying on your own bed for an hour of receiving,( or visiting the Clinic in Melbourne)…. IS A TOTAL GIFT OF SELF LOVE.

Level Two: this level focuses on the expansion and awareness of Consciousness.  It helps us to reach more clarity and understanding and bring in the power and strength to make changes. Further consultations may be required to quantitfy and clarify these changes.

Level Three:  this deals with the very deep clearing of underlying difficulties, frozen and hidden states and other agreements we may have brought with us into this incarnation.  Very soon there will be a seperate package offered for those who have the courage to travel this pathway because it is more complex and requires comittment.


I feel so blessed to be forging a new pathway  that can bring around positive change in such a different way.