Workshops and Events

Pathway to Sovereingty

Learn what has been programmed into your mind and cells and
why it is so vital and important to make valuable choices NOW.
Restore your Sovereignty and your freedom.

The introductory Workshop is opening your understanding to the world we are living in and the power of choice you have.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and you are accountable for your choices.  The unconscious mind has been programmed in so many ways, which you would never have imagined.

  • Is your life constantly a struggle?
  • Do you always seem to go one step forward and 3 steps backwards?
  • Do you feel powerless?
  • Do you live in fear of speaking your truth and dealing with those in authority around you?
  • Have you always played “The Pleaser” in your life???

The 1 day Workshop expands on all the introductory knowledge.

Who Is It For?

Anybody who has a desire to learn and understand what is going on in our world. Anybody who is open to real truth and not the fabricated lies we are fed. Anybody who is WILLING TO CHANGE their old habits and has the courage to make these choices.   We open the doorway for you to walk through into a new and deeper understanding and suggest tools that can help you achieve your journey into Sovereignty.

Benefits of Attending

David Fitts  & Libby Gordon offer you many choices and solutions to ending your “programming” in practical and inexpensive ways.  They have both had many years experience in clinic and willingly share their knowledge with you. These workshops are about increasing YOUR sense of wellbeing and authority and it is our goal to leave you feeling EMPOWERED with many new understandings.

Your Workshop Facilitators

Libby Gordon

Libby commenced in clinic in 1990. After completing a Degree in Aromatherapy, she moved immediately into the Bowen Therapy field and became a practitioner/teacher in Australia. She then welcomed the skill of learning NST (an advanced learning of Bowen) and subsequently taught this technique in Australia and the US.

Libby has extensively used alchemy (including Flower Essences) and still conducts personal counseling sessions with her ability to read the body energetically.  She is a strong advocate of the Cutting The Ties that Bind technique by Phyllis Krystal, and also  co-created the Global Light Network with David Dartez,  that services people from many different countries with wonderful health products.

David Fitts

David Fitts has worked within the field of Natural Medicine for over twenty-eight years and developed a career that has included private practice, teaching and political advocacy.

Prior to studying Naturopathy, David was involved with both the private and public sector after graduating with a degree in Psychology. He worked firstly with young offenders through the Children’s Court Clinic and later on in the area of emergency accommodation for families struggling with domestic violence and homelessness.

After a four year stint within the Human Resources department of an international corporation, David undertook studies in Naturopathy. Upon graduation he opened a practice in Brighton, where he has run a successful clinic since 1987.

In 1988 he founded the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Camberwell and served as Principal till the College closed in 2005. It was the first College in Australia to teach Naturopathy from a body/mind perspective. As National President of the ANPA and FNTT, David represented the profession at both State and Federal levels of government.

Over the past few decades, while witnessing increasingly rapid change on this planet, David became aware that despite the changes many things stayed the same. This conundrum led David in a new direction; exploration of the awakening of Human Consciousness.

David is currently working from Liforce, in Malvern.

Event Details

Perhaps we can excitingly help you discover your own Pathway to Sovereignty so that you no longer give your power away to the other people and environment around you.

Introduction to Pathway to Sovereignty:
Sunday 13th September, 2pm – 4.30pm

Full Day Workshop:
Saturday 10th October, 10am – 4pm

Liforce – Centre for Conscious Living
117 Station Street, Malvern, Victoria

What to Bring:     Pen & Paper

Thank you both for a wonderful afternoon last Sunday and your hard work to put it together. My mother and I both agree the course content is very relevant for this time, in fact a must.  The delivery was excellent and the tools provided are very helpful.

Karin K

Melbourne, Australia

Thank you both so much for an information packed and inspiring afternoon. You delivered a great deal of vital information, succinctly and in relatively short time. I was completely absorbed and engaged – thank you both so much.  The links are quite fantastic and such a help – thank you.

Gillian G

Melbourne, Australia

Thank you for the interesting information. The course has helped me understand things at a greater depth, stuff that is happening and keeps happening in my life.

The delivery of the course was good and came across relaxed and in a logical sequence.  I do desire to take this further and would appreciate further courses and information.

Duncan H

Melbourne, Australia

My immediate thoughts after the workshop was that it was very interesting, thought provoking and had some very practical ideas that could be put to immediate use. It was certainly well presented by you and David.

There were areas that were totally new to me and might be considered by some to be controversial, especially if their faith is brought into question.

Jim O'N

Melbourne, Australia