Removing the Controlling Forces

Consciousness is energy, and energy is Conscious, and as such they are interchangeable. Energy is directed through many intelligent systems and our many bodies, including the blueprint and Lightbody is an energetic system. For the Lightbody and 3D body to be constricted and losing energy, the person is choosing destructive and/or controlling behaviours.

We will need to ask “Where is our personal energy being drained and what illegal implants or thoughtforms have been imposed upon me?”

Understanding the Importance of Implants

Implants  are  ‘devices’ that are placed within your auric field to manipulate the frequency of energy in that area of your being. They can be of a beneficial nature or of a detrimental nature and most literature on the internet tends to focus on the detrimental ones. Most people are oblivious to the fact that they have them, and it is people who are seeking an  improvement in awareness and understanding who become familiar with them. In the majority of people etheric implant removal serves to remove the blocks to limitation or addictions so that they can move forwards more easily rather than with struggle in intensity.

Additionally, many people have been forced to enter into agreements and contracts or embrace “ belief systems” of a similar restrictive nature in an energetic sense.

Why Is This Important Now?

We are in a highly evolutionary phase of Mother Earth finally shifting the negative imprints she has been supporting for eons in time.  It is therefore the reflection that we too, as her inhabitants, MUST also shift our “controllers” to become free and Sovereign.

Who Is It For?

This if for anybody who is AWAKE AND AWARE enough to recognize they have strong genetic patterning along with unconscious patterning that governs our every day thoughts.

A ‘Releasing’ Session Can Help

  • Addictions in behavior and thoughts.
  • Strong fear based controllers.
  • The desire to be free to make their own choices and not live out other people’s expectations and projections.
  • Those who understand it is time for their own Pure Light to be their primary Source and not the dark energies of the archonic worlds.

Benefits Clients May Experience

  • Releasing of controlling thought forms through the unconscious that have been systematically active for thousands of years.
  • Allowing this work to take place in the present moment, simultaneously occurring beyond time and space in other time lines.
  • Releasing these implants/imprints/thought forms through your Higher Dimensions and NOT through the mind and conversation.
  • This work can take place via personal attendance or remote sessions –  this works is beyond time and space.
  • In most cases complete removal/release is achieved in approx.. 4 – 5 sequential sessions.
  • An inner feeling of enormous freedom and new power.
  • An inner knowing of your true Sovereignty and releasing of earthly fears.

I have had several experiences on the S.T. and have felt  very nurtured and cradled with a sense of deep alignment and clearing going on throughout my energy body.  It is as  though this healing energy was reaching deep into my soul in a way that is beyond my ability to explain in words.   I also believe Libby Gordon is a glowing light force which enhances its powerful processes either on the table or in remote sessions.

Robyn Wood

Melbourne, Australia

The experience on The Table was completely liberating. I knew that I needed to release these patterns from my past, but never realised how much they had been impacting my life until now. I am so glad to finally be free to move on with my life!

Les Price

Melbourne, Australia

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It is a pre-requisite that the client has experienced at least two general sessions on the Sovereignty Table

as this work is NOT for beginners who are opening up to their own emotional/spiritual pathway.

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