Resources to Support Your Journey

As a healing guide and facilitator I am always on the look our for vital resources to help my clients and humanity on their life journey. Below you will find some of the many people, services and resources that have made a significant impact in my life, and which I am happy to recommend to anyone who is looking to expand into the full divinity and sovereignty of their true being.

How Liforce Acupuncture can enhance your life…

The fundamental concept of Balance, both body and mind, is one of the most important aspects of Chinese Medicine. Signs and symptoms of disease in the body are more often than not, manifestations of the body not being in a state of balance. When the body is harmonious internally, it has no reason to express pain or illness externally. The ultimate goal of Chinese Medicine is to return the body to this balance state in order to attain Health. Discover more at

Liforce Osteopathy

Dr. Clare Gordon is a fully qualified, registered Osteopath who graduated from RMIT University with honours. Since then, she has worked overseas as an Osteopath in a variety of clinics in Ireland, USA and Italy and has been back in Melbourne now running her own business since 2005.

Clare treats patients from the newborn to the elderly with a large variety of conditions (see below). However, her main focus is on women’s health where her primary interest is treating pregnant women, pre and post-natal, as well as children and babies. She has a passion for helping women through their journey of pregnancy as well as empowering and encouraging women to understand their body and its capabilities. Learn more …

Archetypal Readings

Barbara Andrews has been working with Archetypal energies for over 30 years, from sources such as Carl Jung, Caroline Myss, studying astrology and what it involves to awaken consciousness. She has done 17,000+ readings over the last 25 years or so, teaching this skill to many along the way. Barb’s new venture is to take this into the digital age and put it online, so that it’s available to all on a global level.   For further information, contact Barb on 0408 383 413 or email:

Calmbirth Workshops

Birth is a natural process, which should be experienced fearlessly, calmly, ecstatically. Calmbirth® teaches pregnant mothers, fathers or birthing companions the skills to accomplish such an experience. We explore breathing techniques, relaxation, dealing with fears, accessing your body’s natural anaesthesia, ways to work with the hospital system, supporting your partner and baby’s arrived – Now what? Our workshops are relaxed, fun and completely interactive. Learn more…

101 Strategies for True Health and Empowerment

I truly recommend this book for those people who are interested in bringing their bodies back into a full healthful state.

Learn more at

Global Light Network

These products are obtainable through the U.S. site –  Libby is still  a co-owner of GLN.

Rainbow Phoenix

Will Berlinghoff (Cosmic Awareness)  & Callista Summerfield are people who have great integrity and link the outer information with the inner information.

Our Journey Home

The ethos of Our Journey Home is to inform humanity in a way that empowers the individual, an empowerment that comes from deep within. We are reclaiming our sovereignty and in the process of reclaiming our sovereignty one also experiences self empowerment. Self empowerment in a way that is very graceful and very steadfast. It is a state of presence, a state of Being!

George knows he is here to assist Humanity in reclaiming our sovereignty and transcending not only the Earthly Matrix, but also the Cosmic Matrix.