Release with Ease & Grace.
Go Beyond Your Human Programming.
Remember Who You Really Are.

The Sovereignty Table
The Sovereignty Table
Would you like to restore your true health and release what may be holding you back?

The Sovereignty Table  has the energy to help release where our blockages have arisen in this lifetime and other times and space.  It can do this in so many ways and all experiences are different

We are controlled not only by our conscious mind but so many aspects of the unconscious programming as well.  The Sovereignty Table works at this level of causation. It can help release what has been frozen and avoided.

A personal consultation on The Sovereignty Table can be beneficial in:
  • Helping release pain in the physical body
  • Assisting in releasing confusion and struggle
  • Helping to release long term pain stored in the body
  • Assisting the emotional body be more at ease and accepting
  • Facilitating the release of  addictions and strong behavior patterns
  • Help restore and reclaim your personal power

What Will I Experience?

Every session is different as each of us is different so therefore it is not a generic outcome. The most common reports are of deep peace, stopping the busyness of the mind, understandings to problems that are in their lives, feelings of having their body fine tuned in all sorts of ways and many clients are shown graphic details of what is taking place.  Others can just fall deeply asleep.  The effects of the session can be ongoing for the next week.

Visit the testimonial page to receive first hand information from other’s experiences.

What Are The Benefits?

  • This table is an accelerant
  • Clarity & inner understanding.
  • Inner strength returning
  • Neutralisation of old patterning
  • Effects of the release of emotions or energy movement
  • Re-connection with your Inner Presence
  • Inner peace and acceptance
  • Feelings of being fine-tuned like an instrument
  • Connection to the other side of the veil

Who Is It For?

Anybody who wishes to release struggle on any level and help bring in clarity of understanding.

Booking Your Consultation

To schedule your appointment please call 03 95763110 or email Libby at 

Remote sessions are also available for clients who are interstate or overseas. If you would like to book a remote/long distance session, it is wise to communicate first, via email.  A return email will be sent outlining what is required for this session.