Every person’s experience on the table is different because each of us is different so therefore it is not a generic outcome. The most common reports are of deep peace, stopping the busyness of the mind, understandings to problems that are in their lives, feelings of having their body fine tuned in all sorts of ways and many clients are shown graphic details of what is taking place.  Others can just fall deeply asleep.  The effects of the session can be ongoing for the next week.

Here’s just some of what others have experienced …

I can honestly say it has made a huge practical difference for me. My nervous system feels so different. It returned me to who I really am.

Helen Paige

Melbourne, Australia

I have had the pleasure, and privilege of several sessions on the Sovereignty Table.  Initially it was to experience the power of this new method of healing, and to shift some very old ‘stuff’ that my physical body had been trying to do for some time.

I don’t have the gift of ‘sight’ or the ability to know where I am outside of this physical world, but I do know that each time I’ve been taken ‘somewhere’ and received healing.  It’s like going into the deepest sleep and each time I ‘come back’ I have felt totally disorientated for a few moments.  There’s nothing disturbing about that feeling – it just takes a moment to be present again.

And there is a deep knowing that healing has taken place.

Rhonda James

Melbourne, Australia

I have had 3 experiences to date on the Sovereignty Table.  The first two meant lying on the table itself and allowing the energies of the colours, lights, very powerful crystals and magnets to do their thing.  This took me to many different places, from visions to tears, to feeling very loved and held by the Divine Feminine itself, to healing different trouble spots in my body, and eventually to deep peace and acceptance.  My body buzzed for days.

The last experience was held in Absentia,  i.e, I stayed home, lay on the bed and experienced the S.T. from a distance.  This was just as powerful as being there in person.  I could feel the intelligent energies moving through my body, locating sore points, then different images arose and finally peace and a benign state took over.  I highly recommend this unique healing device – it seems to work on all levels once you set your intention.

It’s probably beyond the mind’s capacity to work it out, but it’s something I will be using regularly to keep in balance and heal old issues that enable me to become all that I can be.  Many thanks to Libby for having the courage, wisdom and foresight to bring this to Australia.  It’s state of the art.

Barbara Andrews

Melbourne, Australia

The first time was high on the novelty factor and low on expectation as this was all completely new to me and I was not sure of what outcomes I was likely to encounter; however within 24 hours of the session I realized that I was  more deeply aware of aspects of my life than I had been previous to being on the Table.

I had three sessions in total and each time I found that the experiences were more rapid and more revealing. It seemed as if the power of the Table penetrated to the deepest levels of my awareness, pushing through subtle barriers of thought and perception that were blocking me from seeing greater aspects of reality about myself.

These breakthroughs in perception and awareness have helped me significantly in fast tracking my growth in Consciousness.

David Fitts

Melbourne, Australia

The purpose of my testimonial is not to talk about what happened for me on the table but rather to describe what has occurred since.  For me, the experience on the table acted as a catalyst for work that continued on afterwards.

Whilst on the table, I was given the word ”deconstruction”.  Since then, the deconstruction of those elements of my life that no longer were serving me has occurred.  This was to prepare me for the reconstruction that I have been experiencing since.  This work has been ongoing, which I feel is the real strength of working with this modality.  Thank you Libby for providing me the opportunity to do such deep work on an ongoing basis.

Wil Berlinghoff

Western Australia

The table shows you with great clarity whatever physical and or emotional aspects need healing and then activates the actual process of healing and return to balance.

Rochelle H

Melbourne, Australia

The Sovereignty Table has given me experiences of myself in other dimensions at other times .

Maureen B

Sorrento, Victoria

I have experienced the profound healing frequencies of the Sovereignty Table a few times and each experience was different.  I could feel the crystal light energies moving gently through my body as I drifted into a very relaxed and altered  state of consciousness. I set an intention before each treatment.

I had many visions and could feel also that my physical body was being balanced, and energies working deeply on a cellular level.  I felt that my mind was being soothed and old programming was being released.  All aspects of my being were balanced and activated in accordance with my higher self.  After each treatment I felt lighter and the effects continued to work in my energy field for the following few days.

I am familiar with other types of Crystal Bed Therapy and this is a very powerful and higher vibration with the inclusion of the magnetic therapy and the specific crystals being used with this table are unique to say the least.   I highly recommend a visit!

Jenny Rawson

Melbourne, Australia

This is a vessel or cocoon for the soul.

Justin D

Melbourne, Australia

It is difficult to describe these sessions.  I really ran into the issue of “no words here”. There is no language for the Sovereignty Table.  It felt like my body was pushing through its issues very fast in many aspects of time and space.

Mary L.

Washington State, USA

I thoroughly enjoy using the Sovereignty Table and I have found it to be helpful as regards my challenge with my prostate issues and all the reproductive area.  I am 76yrs of age and have received lots of healing in my years, but this Table is very different.  After my last session on the table, the next day I received large amounts of energy flooding my body with positive and balancing energies.  This lasted for quite a while.

Alfred VDB

Armadale, Victoria

Time on the table has allowed me to experience healing on many levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I have felt a profound shift in my thinking, facilitating greater clarity of thought, allowing the decision making process to flow with ease; particularly during times of emotional stress or whilst completing work, study and assessment requirements.

On a physical level I have experienced the relief of neck, shoulder and hip pain that had been troubling me for some time; finding the link between the emotional and physical condition, releasing old patterns and allowing all levels to combine within the spiritual body. Wonderful Visions both on and immediately after the table.

Sleep has been so much deeper and restful since being on the table and I look forward to the clarity and vision in dreams that follow after each session.

Tess Danielle

Melbourne, Australia

It is a profound accelerant and it provides a medium in which certain frequencies can enter.  I regard this table like a transponder –  it translates then it delivers.  It supports a fusion between the Higher Self and the Lower Self.      It functions at an alchemical level and it has the power to move through and beyond anything the Matrix can offer or control.

Mary L.

Washington State, USA

Everyone should have the opportunity to experience this cutting edge modality – when the student is ready, the teacher will appear – and the Sovereignty Table  is a teacher of this time!

Callista Summerfield

Callista Summerfield


I’m going to try to keep this brief but how can I keep my enthusiasm and excitement brief when something has changed my life……..actually changed me so dramatically!!!!!

When Libby began working with me on the Sovereignty bed I had been fighting 8 years of excruciating pain, multiple surgeries and physical challenges.
By the time I got to Libby my life force energy and my will to live we’re both fading.
I had come to Libby hoping for pain relief and physical healing… But I have gotten so much more!
The first few sessions I didn’t notice a difference in my pain level or my ability to function, but after a few sessions I began to notice a change in my emotional state. After each session I was emotionally stronger and I had a new determination.
With each session the effects have become stronger, and I have begun to really understand what this bed is doing for me on an accumulative level.
It is healing me from the inside out. Healing does indeed begin on the inside.
It is altering my consciousness and has accelerated my spiritual journey.
There is a definite shift of consciousness happening on our planet and the Sovereignty bed is a huge part of that shift! Jo'eni Jones

Washington, USA