The Sovereignty Table

The Sovereignty Table

A New Pathway to Reclaiming Your Personal Power and Presence

The Sovereignty Table has been designed to link in with the magnetics of the Earth, along with the higher energies surrounding our Earth through the use of crystals and LED lights.  This combination is then able to by-pass the “earth’s matrix” and access the thoughtforms or beliefs that hold us captive to fear and struggle.

How Does It Work?

With the aid of the magnetics, crystals and chromatography, this sets up the energies to assist us in many ways.  We are an energetic body housed in a physical body and the energies of crystals are used in technology all over the world to work with communication, science, healing etc.

What Will I Experience?

Every session is different as each of us is different so therefore it is not a generic outcome. The most common reports are of deep peace, stopping the busyness of the mind, understandings to problems that are in their lives, feelings of having their body fine tuned in all sorts of ways and many clients are shown graphic details of what is taking place.  Others can just fall deeply asleep.  The effects of the session can be ongoing for up to 3 weeks.

What Do Others Say?

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Words do no justice to the powerful transforming effect of this therapy.  My sessions have been at a distance and have been mind-blowingly powerful for me.  

Callista Summerfield

Western Australia

When wanting to let go of a belief system or thought pattern which no longer serves you, the results of the Sovereignty Table are undeniable.

Dr. Ashley Gordon

Melbourne, Australia

I have felt a profound shift in my thinking, facilitating greater clarity of thought, allowing the decision making process to flow with ease;

Tess Danielle

Melbourne, Australia